Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Free Phucket From Zionist Occupation

As regular watchers of the BBC will know, the GWOT is in fact a myth created by racist Whites to try and cast as evil the perfectly justified reaction of oppressed members of the Third World Community to the evils of Western countries, such as Thailand.

Who knows ? Maybe this is a reaction to the imperialist legacy of the Siamese Empire - I mean, their cats are everywhere. Or possibly there's some other reason, some common factor which links these acts of violence. The Beeb isn't sure though:

More than 700 people, including at least 24 teachers, have been killed since January 2004 in unrest which the government blames on Islamic militants.
....'cause you know like it could be a race of super-intelligent monkeys. Or maybe militant Moromons. Or possibly mass suicides.

The next line speaks so eloquently to the nature of Islam that even the Beeb can't find a way to sugarcoat it:

Teachers are often targeted as they are seen as symbols of Thailand's Buddhist authorities.
Trouble is that the Thais have been a free and independent people since about the time our ancestors were busy trying to work out what colour the wheel should be. Eurabia this ain't.

"We have granted special rights for teachers to carry guns," deputy education minister Rung Kaewdaeng told reporters on Tuesday, adding that 2,000 teachers had already requested arms.

"They need guns. This is now a necessity as many people have survived attacks because they shot back at the attackers," Mr Rung is quoted as saying by the French news agency AFP.
No, no, no! The real answer is ID cards. Set the Bangkok PD to rousting old ladies who've forgotten their cards and all will be well again.

Of course, the real question is the reaction of the Islamopaths. As I see it, it could go one of three ways:

a) The Islamopaths could continue their attacks, accepting heavy casaulties as the price.

b) The Islamopaths could stop their attacks

c) The Islamopaths could continue their attacks, get regular panellings at the hands of just about every Thai they attack, and so become a Designated Liberal Victim Group.

Face it - all history says that it's going to be option c. After all, 300 million Arabs have spent fifty years explaining exactly how they plan to brutally slaughter 4 million Jews, yet all we ever hear about is the great imbalance between Israel and its neighbours. No doubt, Amnesia Intentional is already assembling a strike team to jet in to Bangkok and denounce the ruthless slaughter of Islamic hunting enthusistas who'd accidentally trespassed onto school property while chasing dodos. The ISM tools are probably inbound too, complete with BBC documentary crew and Alan Rickman, slobbering over the thought of producing another emetic script about the life of the next one to head the bullet.

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