Sunday, July 10, 2005

BBC Finds Real Victims Of Terror Attacks

Yes, indeed. Even the Beeb will admit that yessss, being blown up can be kind of inconvenient, but that’s not the real horror. No, the worst thing is that Islamic terrorists committing mass murder (again) may damage the image of Islam.

Now, take a shot in the dark: what job do you think the first Muslim quoted does ? Yes, you guessed it, he’s a surgeon. They probably wanted a guy who runs a kitten hospital, but he was out of town. The next few paras are well-polished boilerplate, as the Beeb tries desperately not to make the contrast too obvious between the way the mildest criticism of the ‘slims by a public figure sends them into full Linda Blair mode, while mass murder results in issuance of Standard Statement Type 1.
Some extremist organisations have already started publishing material on
websites blaming Muslims, or at the very least their faith, for the London

‘Extremists’, oh my! So the BBC uses the same word to describe people who blow up people and the folks who report accurately on them.

The next para is solid gold.
It is this expected development that will now concern Muslim leaders trying their best to ensure their community are not blamed.
Ok, so some maniacs carry out mass murder and the ‘slims are concerned that they will be blamed. That’s what they’re worried about. Not the fact that their community is harbouring nutballs, not what it says about a culture when it breeds these kind of people. Certainly not what they can do to stop it happening again. Just that it might rebound on them. A-huh.

Still, there is blame on both sides. They commit mass murder, we…no, it’s too horrible, it’s…we send e-mails:
Dr Bari said the East London mosque has already received hate emails but he hadalso been heartened by seeing supportive correspondence.

Hey – if getting abusive e-mails is all you need, I’m putting in for Victimhood First Class with Sword, Oak Leaves and Gold Cluster.

In the East End two young British-born Muslim women said they were resigned to suffering fallout. "I'm just not bothered any more," said one. "Whenever something like this happens, I know we're going to get targeted. Last time [Madrid train bombings] I got pointed at in the street."

There’s a Pythonesque aspect to much of the BBC’s reporting, but this is beyond parody. Note too though the same order of priorities: mass slaughter in Madrid, but let’s talk about the Great Islamic Pointing atrocity of 2004. There are supermodels less obsessed than this.

But here’s the kicker:

Many leaders fear they will face a more difficult job in protecting people if rumour and speculation about who was behind the attack makes it into the

That’s the BBC: the news organisation that doesn’t want to report the news.

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