Sunday, July 31, 2005

Stop Calling Us Violent Or We'll Kill You

The Beeb continues its attempts to find the political equivalent of the Loch Ness Monster: the vast rise of Islamophobia.

The number of attacks on Asians has risen significantly since the London bombings, police and Muslim groups say.
Note that: the Police are supporting this latest exercise in Islamovictimhood. Except they aren't. The only direct quote from the Bill is a boilerplate reference to the fact that, yes, they serve Asians as well as everyone else. In fact, the very next paragraph says this:

The number reported to the Islamic Human Rights Commission - not including those reported to police - has risen more than 13-fold, its chairman said.
So, that figure isn’t backed by the Police after all. Quite the opposite, in fact. Ditto, the other figure given, also supplied by a Muslim activist group. Guess ‘Islamic Extremists Complain About Islamophobia’ wouldn’t have made such a good headline. Of course, there’s an agenda here:
But the Muslim Safety Forum, which works closely with the police monitoring the total number of incidents reported, blames "prominent people within our society" and the media for saying all British Muslims share something in common with the bombers.
Y’know, kind of like an ideology ? No, that’s just crazy talk.
A spokesman told BBC News "bigots" now felt they had the "right to commit these atrocities".
Yes, indeed. Every Nazi skinhead I’ve ever met hangs on every word Mark Steyn writes. Guess the only safe way is not to allow any criticism of Islam at all.

Of course, the sting in the tail is coming

The 7 July bombings were "a single criminal act" and all British Muslims could not be held responsible, he added.

British Muslims would not continue to allow themselves to be victimised and criminalised without a further "backlash" from them, the spokesman told BBC News.
So there! Nobody call Islamopaths violent, lest they go on the rampage. That ought to clear things up

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