Monday, July 04, 2005

Feminists 4 Rape

PC DC, who must be a glutton for punishment, has just confirmed what common sense would lead most people to believe anyway, namely that the current ‘all rape charges are real’ lunacy leads the Police to carry out the full court press even when the charges are self-evidently absurd. Needless to say, the femiloons and their supporting eunuchs are already pitching up in his comments ready to carry out a digital lynching. Me – I think they doth profess too much.

It’s a myth that the femiloons are against rape. Nope – they love it. It’s the perfect wedge issue, a great stick to beat men and masculinity with, while helping to bring the ‘sisters’ into the AMAB fold. Hence the disparity between the hate directed at folks like DC who point out the insanity of the present system, and the deafening silence which greets news like this.

Here we have a Code One, 100% proof rapist and the courts do all but pile up the relevant legislation and take a dump on it. If it was possible to moon the entire British public, this is what the court has done. Life, meaning 4.5 years ? What is this we’re talking ? Hamster lives ?

Just to ram home what a short time this is, consider the fact that if Blair decides to take the full term, this scumbag will be out in time for the next election. He’ll miss the next footy World Cup, but he’ll be back on the streets in time for the one after. Hang on…I hear a strange whining sound from out Left. Ah yes – the scumbag will only be released when doctors consider him no longer a danger. And these people have got such a great record. After all, what could go wrong with a system where people who get paid shedloads of cash to rehabilitate scumbags get to assess whether scumbags have actually been rehabilitated ? Hey, anybody know why a junior A & E doctor who screws up in the sixty-fifth hour of a seventy-two hour shift can be sued but these weenies can’t ? And what conclusions can we draw from that fact ? And why is it that Liberals are all in favour of independent tribunals and accountability except anywhere where they’re actually needed ?

Enough questions already. The femiloons claim they want to reduce the number of rapes – here’s an easy way. Here we have a proven rapist and the government wants to release him at the age of twenty. This is not a tough call. WARNING! WARNING! THIS INDIVIDUAL WILL STRIKE AGAIN. Hell – the courts are agonising over whether we should even find out the name of this scumbag. And where are the femiloons ? Where indeed.

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