Sunday, April 12, 2009

Liberals: Always The Weak Horse

Atheists are enraged! - as only they can be - by the news that the NHS spends up to £40 million pa on hospital chaplains. They think that if people want to spew nonsense at the seriously ill, they should go and become proper psychiatrists.

And no, that isn't just me going for a cheap shot. Key point:
The researchers accept many people believe the drugs do work for them, but argue that could be a placebo effect - people feel better simply because they are taking a medication which they think will help them.
Hmmm.... do you think this 'placebo effect' could apply anywhere else?

More to the point, in so far as the placebo effect is a well-known phenomenon, in what sense of the word is the NSS's crusade against religion in hospitals based on actual science?

Still, while the NSS campaigns for the comforting of the sick and dying to be carried out only where said comforting can be demonstrated to show observable improvements in the degree of comfortage, I can't help feeling they're missing a lot else.

When most people think of faith-based lunacy, they're probably not thinking of some Priest performing the last rites. Nope, they're probably thinking something like this.

I don't have the objective data to back this up, but I'm pretty sure these people are nuts. So where is the NSS? Nope - they're tied up staking out some OAPs bed, investigating a case of Class A Communion With Intent.

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