Thursday, April 16, 2009

As I Was Saying...

Proof of the stopped clock hypothesis: while the rest of the MSM was busily redbranding Hillsborough as a series of unfortunate events, the Guardian (!!) had a pretty good run-down of just why this is still a live issue on Merseyside, all the more effective for the way it bends over backwards not to ram home any of the loopier issues (seriously, only 3 out of 42 ambulances made it there? What could have happened? An attack by a giant ambulance-eating monster? Or something else)?

That's the flip-side of it all. Almost from the moment it happened, a conga line of sleazy idiots have been claiming to be Jesus on the Cross, boldly standing up for the important principle of.... what, exactly? That, say, a public body facing serious charges should be allowed to issue false press releases without consequence? That's an important principle of British law?

To ask it is to answer it. The Hillsborough grave dancers aren't defending any important principle, in fact, they're happy to trash the basics of British justice, just as long as some Scousers get killed.

Unlike certain David Camerons I could mention, I'm a real conservative, so I think morons should have the right to free speech just as much as anyone else. Hey, like I said before, it's good to have these people tell us who they are. But let's not pretend there's anything virtuous or bold about what they believe. Buying tickets for the South Yorkshire Police Evidence BBQ pretty much kills that line. These people are bloodthirsty bigots and they enjoy seeing people die. Well, whatever. Just don't tell me they're principled.

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