Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wasn't That The Point?

Laban does a compare and contrast on two Seventies icons, and finds the one with the silver spoon upbringing escaped more or less intact, while the Ordinary Jolene sank. And?

Half the point of the counter-culture was for rich kids to ram home their status by showing how it insulated them from the consequences of behaviours that would be disastrous for normal people. Drug addiction, single parenthood and voting Labour are all perfect examples of the destructive lunacy these people proselytised, even as they used their money to go into plush rehab units, hire nannies or move to Devon.

It was the nylon bell-bottom wearing equivalent of all those trustafarians who denounce cheap flights today. Another way to embrace all the worst aspects of leftism, while still being able to sneer at the lower orders.

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