Monday, April 06, 2009

Class War Update: Libs Shocked, Appalled To Be Treated Like Ordinary People

Yes, indeed: it's the Peterloo Massacre de nos jours. Who could have imagined such a thing happening in this country? Well, apart from footy fans, obviously. This sort of thing is routine in the Beautiful Game. The away fans here got an extra two hours to savour their triumph.

See, this is what happens when you've got socialists who don't actually know any normal people.

Then again, even that is conceding too much to these loonies. Let's not let them define down deviancy here. As Ross points out, even the supposedly peaceful protesters were intending to use force of mass to prevent innocent people going about their business. Equally, for all that they were supposedly opposed to the 'tiny minority of violent extremists' (hmmm... where have I heard that before), they had no trouble marching with them, providing cover for them, and hindering police attempts to deal with them. Oh yeah, that and writing long articles that, by any objective measure, support them.

Hey, if Carol Thatcher's 'golliwog' comment could be shown to be constitute support for violent thuggery as openly as the average liberal freak's comments about the G20 riot do, even conservatives would have agreed with her firing.

After all, the thuggery is not some late afterthought. Even these nutters know they can never win democratically. Their protests-that-are-actually-riots are an attempt to intimidate sane people into thinking that they must have some kind of point after all. It's a goofy vision, but also an inherently fascist one. They claim the right to dictate to everyone else through sheer force of will.

What the G20 riot really reveals is the left's determination to have its cake and eat it. If these freaks succeed in smashing up the town, that proves that our society is weak and corrupt, and deserves to be overthrown by the vanguard of the new order. If they fail utterly, it proves our society is a fascist dictatorship, and deserves to be overthrown by the vanguard of the new order. It's perfect catch-22 - but only if you let liberals set the terms of the debate.

As ever, it comes down to culture war. The same people who jabber endlessly about right-wing hate speech want us to believe that the spoilt brat products of absurd privilege harassing real people constitutes the epitome of democracy. It isn't and it never did, and a less spineless conservative movement would call them out on this.

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