Wednesday, April 01, 2009

There's Never A Flying House Round When You Need One

The case of that 20-something chef accused of rape by a vengeful femiloon is truly terrifying. Can you imagine waking up next to a 45 year old lawyer? As I understand it, he first realised he was in trouble when she told him 'I'll get you my pretty and your little dog too'.

Of course, the fact the jury came back with a not guilty verdict after 45 minutes does raise an important question: what the hell were they discussing for the other 44 minutes? Whether counsel for the prosecution was on the other bus or what?

Then again, never mind the jury: what thought process convinced the CPS that this case was a runner? Isn't the whole point of an independent prosecutor that there has to be an actual case before charges can be bought?

Ah nope - apparently the case was handled by two 'rape specialists' - so in the femiloon-infested Bizarro World of the public sector an independent prosecutor means a pair of Milli Tants. What could go wrong? Oh right: 45 minutes.

Hmmm.... doesn't this all kind of imply the 'rape specialists' are kind of rubbish at their jobs? Doubtless, they will be fired ASAP. Well, either that, or their job involves green lighting any old rubbish, in which case I ask - again - where's Universal Shami when real rights are being denied?

Yes, I'm serious: an independent prosecuting authority is a vital safeguard against governmental persecution. The government ordering the CPS to suspend their normal criteria for prosecution really is an abuse of power - a real one, not just a made up one no one noticed until 1997 - so how come the usual suspects can't drag themselves away from defending the mad bomber to speak out for actual citizens?


Yep, I think the clue is in the question there.

Meanwhile, the femiloons are struggling with the difficult concept of 'evidence'. Also, the whole 'free press' thing.

Hey, I'm guessing that if the public is sceptical of many rape claims that might have less to do with the media reporting stuff that, y'know, actually happened, and more with femiloons all but claiming that even if the complainant is a card-carrying wackjob, the man should be found guilty anyway, or the rapists will have won. Still, nice to see them outing themselves as the man-hating loons we always knew they were.

Maybe I'm being too harsh? Maybe they're just over-enthusiastic? Except... how come they're more enraged by pretendey rapes invented by a fantasist than the police hobbling the investigation into a real rape?

So, for those of you keeping score at home, here it is: made up rapes = enraged femiloons, police running interference for an actual rapist = zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Never mind the bigotry and the dishonesty: their biggest problem is that they are completely nutso.

All of which leads to another important issue here. Here we have a lawyer who doesn't actually understand the law, so are we still misogynists if we think the silly hag should be fired? Ditto, the rape not so specialists at the CPS. For that matter, what about the charmers at the 'F Word'? Doesn't the....

Ah no: I've just read the bit at the bottom of their 'convict him anyway' page. Their blog is a 'safe and friendly space for feminists and feminist allies'... where they can accuse innocent men of rape. Now, isn't that just modern life in microcosm? Feminazi hag demons give full vent to their unhinged ideology but anyone who argues with them is oppressing them (ker-ching!).

This is why the country's so screwed up. Thanks to years of affirmative action and PC companies have been forced to hire useless loonies and everyone has to pretend they're anything other than dead weight. Really, given the choice, who the hell would hire the Wicked Witch of Winchester?

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