Tuesday, April 21, 2009

It's Getting Hard To Be An Extremist

The Tories have finally realised they need to do something about run-away government spending. See? That's the type of insight you get when you're super smart.

Hey, some folks were saying that years ago. Of course, back then The Dave and pals were denouncing anyone who called for restraint as an Eighties throwback who needed to get hip to the beat. Joining Labour on the trip to economic Neverland was proof of their savvy political skills (unlike us losers).

Now it's all gone horribly wrong, the Cameroonatics would like us to acknowledge their genius in boldly predicting an implosion that's already happening and adopting the very policies the jettisoning of which was only months ago proof of The Dave's near-godly status.

On the plus side, I hear Cameron reckons the Blues are a deep cert for the Cup this year.

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