Monday, April 27, 2009

Kenny Everett Is Dead!

Say what you like about Cameron, but at least he's clamped down on those evil extremists!

Of course, Al was only joking about killing people who disagree with his views. Which is a perfectly normal thing to do, and especially for someone who wants to run the country.

As ever, let's check the scorecard here: talking about murdering political opponents is satire, but writing critical letters, discussing adoption policy or handing out leaflets? Now, that's serious!

These guys: they're all about the equality.

True, this case hardly qualifies as a real threat, but it's a hell of a lot closer to a threat than some guy handing out leaflets. Hey, I'm a free speech maximalist, so I say 'have at it'! These loonies are entitled to joke about murdering their opponents, and we're entitled to ask what it says about their ideology that they think homicidal fantasies are the height of hilarity.

See, this is why 'respectable conservatism' is a bust. Not just because the people lecturing the rest of us keep outing themselves as nasty twerps, but more profoundly because it implies conservatives can and should reach some kind of Munich-style d├ętente with people who are fundamentally unappeasable.

Duncan, Perez Hilton and the rest of these loons aren't advancing an argument or making a point. They're just trying to shout down any dissenting voices. They're nasty, thuggish morons and no conservative worthy of the name should seek the respect of these low-lifes.

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