Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Something Happens To Some Guys

Yep, it's another MONAtastic report from the MSM.

Actually, checking out a few reports about this incident, it looks like no one has anything else, so it might be that the police just aren't releasing any information. But that doesn't let the MSM off the hook. Hey, aren't these the people who keep yabbering about the public's (made up) 'right to know'? Everything that MI-5 do, could do or might have done should be public property, but the state concealing the truth about gang war in our nation's capital? That seems fair enough!

Plus, back in the day, wasn't there once a weird sub-culture in journalism that believed in actually tracking down their own sources, rather than needing an information IV from the state?

Like I keep saying, they should only charge half price for the newspapers, since you only ever get half the story.

(Hat Tip as ever to Lurker, Master MONA Spotter)

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