Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Why The Culture War Matters

Don't be shocked, but Civitas claims that the school curriculum is infected with PC blather. Oh, and don't be shocked either by the B*C missing out the most extreme example:
Teenagers studying for GCSEs are being asked to write about the September 11 atrocities using Arab media reports and speeches from Osama bin Laden as sources without balancing material from America, it reveals.
Well, the BBC is rubbish and the educrats are a bunch of moonbats. Same ol' same ol'. Except there's something even worse in play here. The Left is not only using schools to push political garbage, they're using them to push garbage in general.

Take this report over at Mr Chalk's place. Subjects aren't being taught with a Liberal slant, they aren't being taught at all. It's all rubbish.

The point is that as soon as you accept that all knowledge is subjective, that there are no facts, only 'competing narratives', then that concentrates enormous power in the hands of whoever gets to referee the competition. After all, with no objective truths, who's to say we haven't always been at war with Eastasia ?

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