Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Nice Party You Got Here

The Cameroonies might be right about class not being an issue in politics - certainly, these guys could hardly be any less classy. As ever, the fish rots from the head. The Cameroonatics might not have got round to any actual policies, but they have a fine line in defaming the British Right. So let's have no talk about how this guy can't be held responsible for the appalling behaviour of his acolytes. They're merely following in his footsteps.

There's a more profound factor at work here than merely the vile rhetoric of the Cameroonatics. About the only consistent themes of Cameroonacy are an obsession with 'electability' - whatever that actually means - and a belief that expressing a snarling contempt for traditional morality is the way to achieve it. Against this background, is it any surprise these people regard the death of a political opponent as a reason for celebration ? Who cares about this whole Second World War thing anyway ? It just doesn't poll well. Nope, these people aren't an aberration, they're the logical end point of Cameroonacy.

[But at least they kept it out of the papers!]

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