Sunday, June 03, 2007

Honest Liberal Sighted

I think it's fair to say that Liberal deep thinker Richard Garside's comments weren't universally welcomed. But let's give him some credit. In amongst all the usual drivel, we do get one moment of clarity:
Yet whether it is domestic violence or child abuse, middle class fiddles or corporate corruption, sexual abuse or the abuse of power, most crime never features in the official crime rate.
That's it, that's the central driver of Liberal policy on crime - and much else. True, they occasionally hide their true beliefs through misdirection, like claiming to support probation instead of prison because they think it's more effective, or they'll claim criminals are innocent victims of their environment, or that crime is an invention of the tabloids, or that.... Forget it, it all comes down to this: Liberals don't believe in the whole concept of 'crime'. After all, law is supposed to be the codification of the common morality, but morality and common culture are two concepts guaranteed to get Liberals channelling their inner Prescott. No, to the Left, traditional laws are just some arbitrary set of rules, used by The Man to keep the proletariat down. Once you bear this in mind, Liberal policies make perfect sense.

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