Tuesday, June 26, 2007

We're All Wikipedia Now

Include me out of the Rushdie triumphalism. Steyn is exactly right here. Yay for giving Rushdie a knighthood - no matter how personally undeserving he may be - but the past twenty years has seen Islamofascism metastasise into so many areas of public life that by comparison the 'Satanic Verses' affair seems quaint and absurd.

It's great that nearly two decades after the Islamopaths targeted one of their own pin-ups, the chattering classes have roused themselves to make a purely symbolic response, but while that was all going on, we had the bizarre conclusion to Mohammed Sarwar's political career. Apparently, he's been receiving death threats from the Islamofascist loonies who murdered Kris Donald, and he's stepping down as an MP, except these two things aren't related, in fact - gosh, darn it - he doesn't even know why he mentioned the threats, after all. Ah yes.

Well, whatever, but if the Rushdie affair proved one thing, it's that symbolism matters. It was never about literary criticism, it was about the Mullahs demonstrating that they could parade round British streets calling for the murder of British citizens and PC Plod would busy himself arresting any folks who objected. Fast forward two decades and we have Islamofascist killers threatening a sitting MP with apparent impunity, even after being proven beyond reasonable doubt to be involved in the torture-murder of an Infidel.

At this point let me just say that I'm sceptical about the classification of Mohammed Sarwar as a moderate, but let's just go with that for now: here's a (literal) representative of those 'peace-loving Muslims' being intimidated by the Tiny Minority of Extremists but the MSM and the Left (oh wait...) think it's a yawner.

Why even bother defending freedom of speech if we're going to give the Islamofascists a 9mm veto over the elections anyway ? Equally, if a sitting MP can be targeted, what hope is there for any less high-profile 'moderates' ? And if the Left truly believes that most Muslims are peaceful, shouldn't they be wanting to protect them from these 'extremists' ?

Apparently, Liberals don't believe that either. Meanwhile, the MSM is a hotbed of debate over the propriety of publishing rubbishy novels with surreal depictions of Murderin' Mo even while they skate over the Mullah's new role as auxiliary returning officers. But Rushdie got knighted - that's all you need to know.

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