Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Not Ready For Prime Time

OK, so it's three weeks since I last mentioned you-know-who, but he's come up with another pearler today.

Hello ? Sure, some will say this sort of thing is par for the course for blogging, but this is a guy who wants to be one of the 646 people who decide little things like whether we go to war or not (and, lest we forget, he's a member of Call Me Dave's super elite Tory A-List). Has he really thought about what he's saying ? Does he seriously believe that MI-5 has a secret office full of folks who spend their time hacking the websites of deranged moonbat media whores ? Or is he just pandering to the lunatic fringe ?

In other words, the question is whether Dale is stupid, deranged or completely amoral ? Whatever the answer is, it hardly suggests a party that can be trusted with the defence of the realm when one of its supposed elite candidates for office publishes unhinged conspiracy theories about the very people the Tories will need to work with to protect Britain from terrorism.

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