Saturday, June 23, 2007

The Left Keeps It Unreal

Hmmmm.... this week the MSM has been full of Libs talking about how educational success requires self-discipline from the students, support from the families and help from professional teachers, so naturally that raised my suspicions. It's a good rule of thumb that when Liberals start talking sense, that means they're trying to bury a body.

Ah yes.

For forty years we've been told that low achievement by the black communidee is down to racism, yet when - in a shocking yet utterly predictable twist - it turns out that it's the natives who are doing worst, that's because they're STOOPID.

Really - acres of newsprint have been devoted to Liberals claiming that you try to give those people a fair crack of whip, and all you get is grief. Meanwhile, the Left will still got to any lengths rather than admit that there may be a connection between educational failure and a culture that celebrates violent insanity as proof of authenticity.


But what chance of a 'white-friendly' syllabus ?

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