Sunday, June 24, 2007

Liberals In Hell

One of the Left's favourite countries in all the world has a problem with illegal immigrants. What to do ? It's enough to make a Leftist's head explode. Until they decide what line to take, enjoy the rare sight of an MSM outlet reporting truthfully on immigration. Sample lines:
Social tensions are ratcheting up in both nations, as Zimbabwe’s adult population dwindles and South Africans, already burdened by high unemployment, face new competition for jobs and housing....

“There’s a lot of competition” with South Africans “for other resources like housing in informal settlements, access to limited primary health care and education,” said Chris Maroleng, an expert on Zimbabwe at the Institute for Security Studies, a research organization in Pretoria.....

A rising number [of Zimbabweans] claim to be refugees from persecution by President Robert G. Mugabe’s police and by supporters of his ruling party, the Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front. Just six Zimbabweans sought political asylum in South Africa in 2001; last year, the total was nearly 19,000, more than a third of all asylum applications in South Africa.

But most are fleeing privation, not persecution.
Really, if you included lines like that in an article on immigration into the UK, Liberals would demand the death sentence for hate speech.


Seems like a common problem. In the comments Max points out this story. I bet Amnesia Intentional will be on it any time now.

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