Thursday, June 28, 2007

We're All Guilty

Laban detects an agenda at work in Keele Uni's unjustifiably well-received 'Everyone's a scumbag' report. Me, I'm wondering where the nuance! went. After all, these folks can explain at great length why it's unfair to call people 'murderers' just because they axe an old lady to death, but now they say there's no useful distinction to be made between taking a pen home and knocking over a Securicor van ? Ah yes!

The central humbuggery of the report is that it exemplifies the very trend it claims to deplore. If we're all criminals, then the word has no meaning - which is what these people believe anyway. Liberals have fought long and hard to drive any consideration of morality out of the law. Good and evil ? Who needs it ? The trouble is once you take the morality out, you're left with the law as the arbitrary whims of the state. Just how much respect can it command in those circumstances ?

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