Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Fundemental Human Right To Double-Entry Bookkeeping

As I understand it, Liberals don't believe we can impose Western-style democracy in the Middle East, but now they want us to go to war to impose our accountancy standards. Yes, for the past two weeks you haven't been able to turn on the BBC without hearing them breathlessly report on the Greatest Crime Evah!

Not to say that BAE didn't behave badly, paying bribes to a Saudi offical. They should have waited to he retired then put him on the board as Special Director for Middle East Operations. It's not like you need to hire a camel to find fraud going on. Then there's the flip side of it all. It's not only that the BBC would rather run a four-hour long tribute to Lady Thatcher than report on corruption in, say, the EU or the production of government statistics, it's that the BBC has spent years sneering at the Neo-Con idea of remaking the Arab world along less stupid lines. Now, we have a company that's gone the other way, that's worked within the prevailing culture to produce a mutually-beneficial result, and suddenly they should have channeled General Napier ?

On second thoughts, maybe the Left has a point. We need to make things right. Clearly, the government should track down every one who benefited from the deal and make them pay the money back. They can't be more than a few tens of thousands right ?

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