Thursday, July 06, 2006

Which Bit Exactly ?

A Tory MP gets caught telling the truth so naturally HQ unleashes its inner Sir Robin:

Sir Nick blames multi-culturalism for the terrorist threat facing the
country and says that "agitating so-called Muslim community leaders" who
criticise the police "should be ashamed of themselves and held to

He also adds: "The Australian Government has spelt out bluntly what it
expects of its ethnic minority communities and we in the UK should do the same.

"They should stop politicising dress, such as wearing the hijab and burkha,
they should learn English, they should not return to their homelands to get a
spouse, cease forced marriages and accept once and for all that the United
Kingdom is not, and never will be, an Islamic state.

The Conservative Party Central Office has distanced itself from the
comments, releasing a statement saying: "These are Sir Nick’s personal

All of which does raise the question, exactly what is it that Sir Nick said that they disagree with ? Does the Party actually think, say, forced marriage is a really good idea ? I think we should be told.

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