Sunday, July 16, 2006

Coulter Was Right

Actually, you could run a whole blog dedicated just to reporting on events proving Chairman Ann right, but for today, let’s just consider the story of how she decided to write ‘Slander’. Ann claims to have been inspired by the sight of Der Schtick on TV defending himself by calling his critics ‘right-wing’. Ann asked the question: just how had US political culture got so warped that calling people right-wing constituted an actual argument ?

Actually, there’s another interesting question right there. How come the US got Slick Willy, while we’ve got…. Prezza ? Still, whatever he lacks in style, Fatso has managed a truly Clintoneque-level of whining about the Right. Indeed, you might say he performs a valuable public service. Truly, Prezza is the perfect metric for the moral degeneracy of the modern Left. It’s all about the politics with them.

Prescott used his office staff as a personal harem

His critics are all Tories

There's good evidence that women who slept with Prescott were rewarded with
jobs or grants.

It’s the Right-wing press

Prescott denied discussing the siting of a casino with Anschutz even while his own department was pressuring councils pushing rival sites to withdraw their bids.


And so on…. You know, there was a time when being a serial sexual predator who indulged in dubious activites with billionaire businessmen was the type of thing to raise the Left’s hackles. Not any more though. That’s one more question, of course. Why do so many Conservatives still concede the moral high ground to these people ?

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