Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Frank Gardner: Help Me, I'm A Moron!

While we're still waiting for Frank Gardner to grasp what it says about the RoP that a badly-injured man needs to state he's a Muslim to obtain aid from members of the peace-loving religion, he's decided to give us his views on whether Britain is any safer now than a year ago - and with a track record like his, who wouldn't listen to him ? Funnily enough, he leaves out one of the biggest factors in the War on Terror, namely the outright distortions of the MSM. Of course - much like his Islamic mates - that does hit a little close to home, what with paragraphs like this in his report:

These feelings have only been exacerbated by the bungled police raid this summer at Forest Gate in East London, in which a young man was shot in error and a suspected bomb factory turned out to be an ordinary, law-abiding household.

Ordinary and law-abiding ? Let's review the evidence here. Big brother has convictions for armed robbery (gun never accounted for) and goes to demonstrations calling for the murder of cartoonists, Big Sis issues insane denunciations of the Filth, there's £38 000 in money hidden in the cellar and one of the suspects has nine previous convictions. If this family qualifies as 'ordinary and law-abiding', who doesn't ? The Manson Family ?

The next paragraph is a lu-lu as well:

Events like that, and the indignation felt by many Muslims over the publication in Europe earlier this year of cartoons defaming the Prophet Muhammad, have undermined much of the government's efforts to build better relations with Muslim communities.

I guess that would be the Prophet Mohammed, as opposed to the Lord Jesus Christ - good luck finding that form of words at the Beeb. But anyway - what's with the 'defamation' ? That was never claimed at the time. The protests were about the 'depiction' of Murdering Mo. These people believe that simply drawing the Paedo Prophet is enough to justify decapitation. Trying to claim the cartoons were defamatory is just another way of trying to hide the craziness of the true Islamopath.

So that's two outright lies in two paragraphs, both in support of the people who shot him. To paraphrase the old joke about the Judge who got mugged, shoot him again!

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