Thursday, July 27, 2006

Question D'Jour

Devil's Kitchen hosts an excellent takedown of the BBC's supposed revelations about the Greatest Crime Ever. Just reading it though, two things comes to mind.

Firstly, aren't the Libs trying to have their cake and eat it ? The official L3 narrative says that the case could have been solved in approximatly 5 minutes, except racists police officers couldn't be bothered to investigate the murder of a black guy. Now, suddenly they're claiming it was corruption that prevented a conviction. So which is it ? Or is the answer just 'whatever smear works best' ?

The other thing though is this: about the only charge the Left have ever managed to make stick on former DS Davidson is the heinous crime of insensiivity. He was a roughty-tufty thief taker in the Taggart mode, lacking the sensitive touchy-feely skills of the modern Metrocopper. Hello ? Anyone want to speculate on the likely reaction to a report which blamed a Jamaican copper for spending too long chilling out and chatting up women ? Is it ironic or just stupid that the a central part of the race hustlers' indictment of the Filth relies on an implicit appeal to the caricature of Scots as aggresive, borderline psychopaths ?

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