Monday, July 10, 2006

The Teletubby Approach To War

Was it just me or did other people suffer an almost overwhelming urge to scream obscenities at the TV on Friday ? Wayne Rooney may have acted like a retard against Portugal, but at least there was a reassuring authenticity about his reaction, as compared with a culture where mass slaughter of fellow countrymen is treated like an opportunity for Therapy Nation posturing.

Of course, I’m a Conservative, so mass emotion always worries me, but there was something genuinely icky about the whole July 7 commemoration. Representatives of an insane ideology attacked our country and slaughtered our citizens, and Liberals think the correct response is to hold a big national group hug. We’re just lucky they didn’t let Esther Rantzen out on day release.

Liberals aren’t even subtle with their attempts at rebranding – look how many references there were to the 'tragedy' of July 7. Hey, the Titanic was a tragedy, July 7 was war. But Liberals have to lie about July 7 as that was the day everything they ever believed about the War on Terror was exposed as garbage. Hell, Liberals were even sceptical about the fact there was a war. Lord Hoffman became a Liberal pin-up by claiming there was no real threat from terrorism – this statement, by the way, made in a judgement striking down anti-terrorism legislation.

Liberal desperation to rebrand the mass slaughter of British citizens as a tragedy, a calamity or a series of unfortunate incidents is the nice side of their strategy. The flip side is the Left’s crazed attempts to prove that it’s all one big conspiracy. That’s why every now and then we get otherwise inexplicable news items like this one. No, Liberals, the security services weren’t involved in a secret plot to let the bombings happen. Also, Elvis is still dead.

It’s a perfect barometer of the Left’s worldview that they’ll bend over backwards not to admit the truth about the bombers, but they’ll believe almost anything about the guys trying to stop them. Britain has now had eleven known suicide bombers, of varying degrees of competence, all of whom have been members of a certain peaceful religion. Liberals think this is just a wacky coincidence. Meanwhile, we have precisely no evidence of any form of conspiracy, whether involving the security services or anybody else, to let the bombers strike, but Liberals think that just proves we need to investigate further.

Indeed, in the perfect fusion of the Liberals’ two pronged approach to July 7, they are obsessing about the need for a public enquiry into the bombings, citing the need both for ‘closure’ and their own insane conspiracy theories. Hey, why not ? Even if the enquiry exposes their conspiracy theories as complete drivel, they can always claim the chairman was nobbled (also known as the ‘Hutton manoeuvre’). So we either need to 'move on' or take a fine toothcomb to every file at MI-5. Whatever, just pay no attention to the bearded paedo-prophet behind the curtain.

Still, you have to admire their chutzpah really. Liberals claiming to be enraged that someone else wasn’t taking the threat seriously. If failing to take all necessary measures to prevent the attacks is a sacking offence, why aren’t Liberals demanding Hoffman resign ? For the sake of the Left’s insane argument, let’s pretend that the Right was blind to the threat. OK Liberals, the balls in your court, what should we do to stop the next attack (and no, that doesn’t include ‘surrender’) ?


Exactly. July 7 was the culmination of years of Liberal policy: Londonistan, dhimmitude, activist judges and a whole heap of other chickens came home to roost that day. That’s why Liberals must lie about what really happened. It’s either that, or admit that their philosophy was utterly exposed by the events of the day.

That’s the thing. Ultimately, it’s not that Liberals simply had bad policies in the run-up to July 7, it’s that having had their polices so totally exposed, all their efforts have gone into trying to obscure that fact. Say what you like about Railtrack's safety record, but at least they didn’t spend their time whining that ‘crash’ was a loaded word. Liberals might not entirely approve of terrorists, but if it’s a choice between terrorism or giving ground in the culture war, hey, what’s a little Semtex between friends ?

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