Sunday, July 23, 2006

And Now For The Rest Of The Story

In case you missed the approximatly 275 000 mentions of it on the BBC, the usual suspects held a vigil the other day to remember the victims of July 7.

Just kidding!

No, it was for St Jean, patron saint of forgery. Needless to say, all the clowns were present and correct, including four cousins of St Jean who turned up to tell us that de feelthy English are the piigs, shortly before disappearing off to Heathrow (as if!). Forest Gate Kitten Mohammed Abdul Kahar was there too, just like at the July 7 memorial. No, wait - I mean, just like he wasn't.

The star of the show however was Asad Rehman, described as a 'family spokesman and Justice4Jean campaign organiser'. Really ? Isn't that kind of selling his talents short ? After all, aren't we talking about Asad Rehman, the Galloway henchman ? The former Amnesia Intentional activist ? One of the the founders of 'Stop the West Fighting Back War' and a chair of a cop hating 'communidee group' ? Oh yeah - and a hardline Islamist who comes out with distinctly ambiguous lines like 'There are many different types of resistance taking place' ?

I gues not, after all the BBC would have told us, right? Surely they wouldn't be complicit in an astroturfing operation, helping to depict as a grass roots operation by concerned citizens, a campaign run by cop-hating, terrorist supporting scum ? Surely not ?

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