Monday, July 03, 2006

Edukayshun Latest

Can you believe it ? Some people have accused me of having a downer on our hard-working teaching profession. Seriously though, that’s not quite it. If education was just another government boondoggle, who would care ? It’s the fact it is a serious and important business that makes me so enraged by the dominance of complete moonbats.

Still, you have to have some sympathy for individual teachers, hanging on like Charlton Heston in ‘The Omega Man’. Imagine having to deal with this sort of thing. Let’s leave aside the insanity of Liberals once again being baffled that immigrants from Atlantis spend a lot of time swimming. We’ll even pass by the Head’s insane defence (‘we’re a violent hellhole, but so’s everywhere else’). Just consider the genius which brougt about this situation

The girl, who asked not to be named for fear of reprisals, said: “There used to
be about seven members of the Thug Fam gang who went to the London Academy. Now
there are only two. The other five are in prison. Most of the students are
petrified of the gang — they carry weapons, usually knives, and are very

Hello ? A gang’s making life hell for the kids, but they still have known members attending the place ? What do you have to do to get expelled these days ?

Wasszat, Mr Liberal ? You’re saying that giving these scumbags the old heave ho’ won’t help much ? Well, yep, it won’t, but it will help a little, yet they still won’t give them the boot. It’s that thing again: civilisation self-confidence. Even Liberalism’s ever-bulging Big Bag of Excuses can’t convert these hoods into some kind of freedom fighters. Savages is what they are.

See, this is why people like me are enraged at the teaching profession. If education means anything at all, it means inculcating the next generation with civilised values, but what’s going on now is the complete opposite. Liberals educrats' sole contribution these days is to provide scumbags with the vocabulary of victimhood, acting as enablers and excuses even out of outright savagery. Hey, we’ve got a school were even being a sadistic thug is no big thing. Just how would the country be worse off if that place was closed ?

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