Sunday, July 30, 2006

The Dog That Didn't Bark

So these guys admit that their reporting is subject to high velocity censorship, and we already know that CNN likewise has a fine record of appeasement while AP has also tippexed for Allah, so what about Al-Beeb ? These guys seem able to travel round bandit country without a care in the world. Equally, while almost every other news organisation has alluded to pressure being put on them by Islamofascists, the Beeboids haven’t so much as hinted at anything out of the ordinary.

Hey – here’s a news organisation which can’t present the weather forecast without a long eulogy on how the licence fee allows them to provide a better class of isobar. Now, it turns out that large numbers of commercial organisations are being pressured to spin the news, but the BBC is maintaining a news blackout. Why might that be ?
In a similar vein, check this out - are we supposed to believe that none of this applies to the BBC ?

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