Tuesday, July 25, 2006

There's Never A Viet Nam Analogy Round When You Need One

In one respect at least, Viet Nam was the first post-modern war. True, LBJ wasn’t the first head of state to try and micromanage individual units, but he was the first to base the selection of locations of air strikes on purely political criteria. Targets were not selected according to any objective criteria of military value. In modern terms, targets were hit or not hit depending on whether or not a strike was judged to ‘send the right message’.

Needless to say, the lesson Liberals have learned from the success of LBJ’s micromanaged bombing campaigns is that air power doesn’t work. Of course. To Liberals, all war is just a form of extreme demonstrating. This is why Liberal opinions are so utterly worthless on the Middle East. No doubt some support Hezbullah through genuine anti-Semitism, but I’m sure far more support these scumbags because they simply can’t comprehend that Hezbullah mean what they say: ‘yeah, Achmed, kill the Jews, man, but what do you really want ?’ Ditto, Liberals can’t comprehend why Israel is cranky about two of its soldiers being abducted. Au contraire, Liberals probably think the kidnappings were a stylish flourish, like ending a message with an exclamation mark instead of a full stop.

The wind changed suddenly and 90% of Liberals have become stuck into a pose of ostentatious ironic detachment. They can’t understand that some people really do think genocide is a perfectly reasonable policy objective, or that other people don’t believe that letting their fellow countrymen be tortured to death is the sign of a mature approach to foreign policy. They can’t believe that people really believe things.

Right now, Liberals are out there pushing the line that Israel has made its gesture, so now it’s time to stop the bombing and start cutting a deal with Hezbullah. But what’s there to talk about ? It’s not as if the Islamopaths exactly bury the lede. Here’s ex-head of Hezbullah Hussein Massawi:

We are not fighting so that you will offer us something. We are fighting to
eliminate you’,

What do the Libs want the Israelis to talk about ? Precise method of execution ? ‘Stop the War’ and the rest of the freaks weren’t marching when the war meant continuous bombardment of Israel plus border raids. It’s only after Hezbullah started taking a pounding that Liberals decided violence wasn’t a legitimate form of political expression.

Things are going badly for Hezbullah. They’ve suddenly found out that the art of war isn’t just the ability to generate violence, but the ability to keep on doing so. Back when they were setting the pace against a mostly passive Israel, they could pretend to be an Army. Now the Israelis are pounding away at them, they’re starting to look like a gang of Islamopaths (hey – do you think their supply problems are anything to do with Israel’s completely unjustified slaughter of Lebanese infrastructure, as mentioned by Al-Beeb 87 000 times a day ?) Meanwhile, the rest of the Arab world has suddenly remembered it has a dentist’s appointment, while the Lebanese have already kicked one of Hezbullah’s sponsors out of town.

The Israelis have two options. They can go full throttle and tear the heart out of Hezbullahland – thereby freeing Lebanon, securing their northern border permanently and hammering another nail into Baathist Syria’s coffin, or they can take the advice of people who are, at least, apathetic about their survival, and stop the offensive in return for some paper concessions (a UN buffer force – like the one they’ve got, but really useful this time). Hmmm… stop air strikes in return for some negotiations about negotiations, now where have I heard that before ? Somewhere in Asia, I think. Probably some obscure war no one talks about anymore...

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