Monday, July 10, 2006

They'll Need A New Cliche

Was it Sam Goldwyn who supposedly said ‘I'm sick and tired of these old cliches, get me some new cliches’ ? Whatever, but Liberals have spent so much time ranting about the Daily Mail that they don’t appear to have noticed that when it comes to the war, it’s now all but Moonbat Central. Even so, today’s print edition headline was a minor classic.

The Daily Mail chose to report this story under the headline ‘Driven To Kill By His Gulf War Past’. To be sure the sub header phrased it as a question ‘Did memories make ex-soldier snap and murder family of four ?’, but all in all that must be the most sympathetic headline the Mail has ever given to a quadruple murder suspect.

What it’s all about – of course – is creating yet another victim of Chimpy McHitlerBurton ‘War’ ‘on’ ‘Terror’. It’s only when you read past the opening lines that the embarrassing truth appears. Psycho Boy was a veteran of the 1991 Gulf War – henceforth to be known as The One Liberals Pretended To Support.

In fact, in so far as the suspect’s decline appears to have been precipitated by his 1992 redundancy from the Army, you may as well blame it on Liberals taking a chainsaw to the defence budget as much as anything that happened in the sandy bit of the world. Don’t expect to see them take up that line any time soon.

Still, I can’t help feeling that not content with reminding us approximately 64 000x that the suspect is a GULF WAR VETERAN, the Mail is trying to push another line as well. Just seems like there’s some kind of subliminal message in this article.

Hey, does anyone know if the Fusiliers were involved in any friendly fire incidents ? Possibly involving Yanks ? I guess the Mail’s right – you are much safer without some idiots from Kansas zipping around randomly dropping bombs. What could possibly go wrong ?

Does anyone doubt that if the Paras had been overrun the Mail would be bitterly denouncing the Sceptics for refusing to provide fire support for ‘our boys’ ? No air support: Yanks are scum. Air support: Yanks are scum.

Liberals have been complaining bitterly about the Mail for years. Now, the Mail's unique reporting style is being deployed in support of the Left's 'Surrender now!' policy and suddenly Liberals are silent. So which is it Libs ? Do you have an actual, principled objection to the Mail’s tactics, or do you just object to the particular positions it uses them to push ?

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