Thursday, September 30, 2004

Where's Guy Gibson When We Need Him ?

I think it was Oscar Wilde who noted that you needed to have a heart of stone to read the death of Little Nell without laughing. I feel the same way about the alleged martyrdom of Greg Dyke.

Tempting though it is to write Dyke off as another whiny moonbat, he does perform a useful role in the British political ecosphere. Quite simply, Greg Dyke is the reification of a certain strand of modern Liberalism. Take, for example, the sheer narcism of his position. To listen to Dyke's rhectoric, the BushChimpler has unleashed armies of Nazi storm troopers on a genocidal rampage round the cradle of civilisation, yet - with the certainty of the sun rising in the east - Greg's casus belli always comes back to the fact that he lost his job. Yes, global war is important, but only as a backdrop to Dyke signing on.

Or consider his attempts to have his sociological cake and eat it. Here's a guy who appears at media luvvie conventions wailing about his victimisation by 'The Establishment'. A bloke whose personal wealth puts him in the same demographic as premiership footballers and pop stars, yet still claims that being one of the top players in the media is just like being down t'pit in the '30s.

And how about that special pleading ? 'Blair Lied!' says Dyke, yet the only person who really, undeniably, no-question-about-it did lie was Andrew Gilligan, the man Dyke stood behind 100%. But that's OK, it was an honest lie, that Blair's a wrong 'un. Gilligan's a guy who gets results, he's a ….. Really, if these people are going to insist on claiming that the country is knee deep in bent coppers endlessly trying to frame all and sundry, could they at least stop trying to sound so like West Midlands CID ?

Of course, the most striking feature of Dyke prolonged whine is the sheer humbuggery of it all. Here was a man whose organisation was - at the least - a willing dupe in the beasting of Rose Addis, yet he claims to be shocked - shocked! - at the revelation that Blair could be a little underhand when it came to PR. Smearing a seriously ill 93 year old was one thing, but when Blair set the dogs on a mass murdering sociopath, well, that's just going too far.

So, there we have Greg Dyke. Just your average multi-millionaire in the street, well, avenue anyway. A man who couldn't abide Blair's sleazy ways, or at least couldn't abide them just as soon as Blair's agenda diverged from his. Could there be a better pin-up for modern Liberalism ?

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