Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Liberal Logic

Let's get this right: people with certain opinions should be fired from government jobs in case holding those opinions interferes with their work. OTOH, a diplomat (!) who abuses the Head of State of an allied nation while "on duty" is just ducky. Hmmmmm.... still that makes more sense than this:

Although Mr Wilkie's death was unrelated to any NUM activity, Mr Howells feared the police would use the tragedy as a reason to raid the union's offices and uncover its plans for the strike...

"I remember for only the second time in my life my knees began to shake because I thought 'Hang on, we've got all those records we've kept over in the NUM offices, there's all those maps on the wall, we're going to get implicated in this.'

Yes, indeed. Unrelated, except that the files would've implicated the NUM. Errrr...OK.

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