Friday, September 24, 2004

Special Souvenir 'Disagree With Laban Tall Post'

Well, it doesn't happen that often.

Anyway, I think the great man is wrong about the Islamofascist's snuff videos. The analogy with kiddie pr0n doesn't hold. Everyone thinks paedohillic material is evil, but some people are a little more nuanced when it comes to Islamofascists. Even after all this time there are plenty of people still swimming around in De Nile.

Speaking personally, I've never seen one of the vids, and never will. I know what we're dealing with, but some folks won't get it until they actually see the Religion of Peace in action. In fact, I would rather see this on the news than the 'hostage pleading for his life' videos that the media show without any qualms. It need hardly be said that the Jihadi don't release the videos because they think it will harm their cause.

War 101 says that terrorism is the use of violence for political means, and this type of situation is exactly where the implications of that are most apparent. The abduction and beheadings are the violence, the videos are the politics - each is part of the whole, yet the media willingly plays along by providing massive exposure to the terrorists. It is entirely fair to say that the media is acting as a willing accomplice to the killers. Of course, a less cooperative media might not mean less violence, but a media prepared to devote air time and column inches to passing on enemy propaganda in time of war can hardly be said to be discouraging further acts of terrorism. This, of course, from a media which refuses to cover whole swathes of issues and groups (such as the BNP), citing the needs of social stability. The media cannot get away with shouting 'censorship' here - they've already drank that particular Kool Aid on issues far less serious than the defence of civilisation from savages.

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