Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Should've Stuck To Morons....

First the Caped Crusader drops in at Betty's, now Parliament gets invaded by ordinaries (thereby marking the first time since the Gunpowder Plot that people have entered the place with honest intentions).

So, not really a good week for the Five-Oh. Well, OK, who didn't know Sir John Stevens was a Liberal sock puppet ? Check out Officer Dave for further evidence of what the Met really does these days. Still, I think there's another factor at work here.

Previously, the status of protestor has been reserved for weirdos, trustafairians, druggies and the all-of-the-above formely known as the teaching profession. Say what you like about them, but at least you knew where you were with them. Stick 'em next to MackeyDs and let them blow off steam with some mindless vandalism. But, the great achievement of this government is to open up whole new opportunities in riotous affray for people who previously would never have thought of driving a six-inch nail through a golfball.

Suddenly the government is faced with people who aren't simply immature narcissists whose sole objective is to engage in conspicuous radicalism. Now, they are faced with people prepared to think long and hard about how to screw with the system. Yet, Nu Lab still maintains it can maintain an iron grip on the countryside using little more than technology and lightning raids by police officers. May I suggest Blunkett consider what happened last time that was tried.

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