Saturday, September 18, 2004

Humbug I

Ah yes, what could be more charatceristcic of the countryside than the smell of manure ? That's certainly the smell I'm getting from the hunting debate. Check out the whole question of cruelty to our little red-haired mate. I could also buy, but look at the alternatives.

Liberals want to replace hunting with dogs with gassing or shooting. I'm not sure how they decided drowning in your own bodily fluid was a nice way to go. Where's Wilf when we need him ? Let's put the theory to the test: tell the Liberals that Reynaud has been convicted of murder in Arizona and see how humane they think the gas chamber is then.

But the other alternative ? GUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNS!!! Everyone knows what gun owners are like: nasty Nazi nuts. That's why barely a week goes by without one of them massacring a whole restaurant full of people while quoting from Mein Kampf. That's why Nu Lab giving a platform to the psychos of the Snowdrop campaign was actually a great moment in democracy. That's why even things that only look like guns should be banned. But, when the chance to bash the toffs comes along, Nu Lab drops its hopolophobia like a red-hot porcupine. Does anyone seriously think that gun owners won't be back in their usual position as Enemies of the People just as soon as the last hound is put down ?

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