Friday, September 24, 2004

Girly Glassings

Our future PM is vexed by the British womanhood's power dive towards the gutter. It's not just a local thing either. So what's going on ?

I think it's something more specific than the influence of the 60s generally. In fact, I don't think it's an aberration at all. What's happening now is the logical outgrowth of feminist ideology. After all, feminism was always just a distaff variation of Marxism, with Class War replaced by Gender War. Feminists created a caricature of the male species as fascist oppresors, while simultaneously holding that true liberation could only be achieved by women apeing the self-same ludicrous caricature. Add in that feminists - in common with their race hustling fellow travellers - always claimed that society was the product of the Vast White Male Conspiracy and so women were perfectly justified in throwing all standards of good conduct overboard, and is it any surprise that the Mattel is thinking of bringing out 'Slut Barbie' ?

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