Monday, September 13, 2004

Gulag Getaways

Amongst the hundred and seventy reasons why I don't think the Conservatives should be 'reaching out to minority groups' (or whatever the euphemism d'jour is today) is the humbuggery of it all. People who believe that government intervention usually spells disaster will nevertheless stand up and tell blacks/gays/red-heads/Martians/whatever that the Conservative Party genuinely believes that they've got no chance of making it without Big Government to nanny them. This patronising gunk relies on two horribly insulting assumptions - namely that the designated victim group is a) too stupid to come to the same conclusions about government intervention and b) won't even notice that the Party speaks with a forked tongue.

Fortunately, despite the best efforts of Tory modernisers, some folks are still escaping from Nu Lab's Big Gulag. True, the thought of Garth Crooks positioning himself as a principled opponent of race hustling has a certain 'Al Capone Chair in Business Ethics' quality to it, but check out Kwame Kwei-Armah's comments. It's a sign of the times when it's considered revolutionary to suggest that the spawn of a white trash single mother in Salford may - just may - need more help than the bratty offspring of a black Premiership star. It's also a sign when a luvvie talks more sense on this issue than most pols.

As if Armani Trev didn't have enough to send him off to Beachy Head, check out the results of this survey.

More than half the members of ethnic minorities resident in Britain believe those settling in the UK should learn to speak English, a survey suggests.
More than 90% of 3,000 questioned said those arriving in Britain should not expect special treatment.

It doesn't get any better for him either, despite the best efforts of the Beeb to spin it:

Non-white people who replied had a more positive view of asylum seekers than white Britons.

Eleven per cent of non-whites said they had a high opinion of asylum seekers, compared with just 5% among the white population.

Wow, 11% that's, like, almost within 4% of the support for well-known lunatic fringe group, UKIP. Apparently, the definition of fringe varies from group to group. But there's still 89% of ethnics who don't appreciate paying taxes to support some waster from Gdansk. Who'd have thunk it ?

Still, let no one say Armani Trev didn't go down spinning:

[Trevor Phillips] told the newspaper: "Most British Muslims want nothing more than to be part of the community.
"Our poll shows that they feel just as strongly as the rest of us about terrorism, even if it is carried out in the name of Islam….

Islamist terrorists have gained little support among Britain's Muslim community, according to the poll, with just 3% of those questioned from an Asian background saying that militant groups were right to take on the West.

WTF ? Since when were all Asians ROPers ? For that matter, since when was the ROP confined to Asia ? Do I detect some Islamocoddling ?

Still, the good news is right here:

The poll suggested that Labour's traditional advantage among non-white voters may have been eroded, with just 25% of ethnic minority respondents saying they backed the party, against 17% who supported the Conservatives.

And nary a pander in sight

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