Sunday, September 05, 2004

Two Thoughts About Beslan

If a group of lunatics were waging a campaign to take over the whole north of England and create a Christian theocracy, what chance is there that the BBC would refer to them as 'Yorkshire separatists' ?

Of course, the Dhimmis at the Beeb always push the line that they're just 'Chechen separatists' - never mind trivia like wondering what proportion of them are actually Chechen, or noting that they lay claim to a whole swathe of land which only incidentally includes Chechnya - let's just accept that they really are just a group of people who reject interference from the rest of Russian and want Chechnya ruled from Grozny. If you were a man from Mars looking at the different ways the two groups are covered by the BBC, wouldn't you think it was UKIP which was waging a vicious campaign of terrorism against the EU while the 'Chechen rebels' merely fought election campaigns ?

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