Saturday, September 18, 2004

Humbug II

About that hunting ban - where's the Human Rights Act when we need it ? I'm serious - here we have an act that supposedly guarantees convicted murderers access to hardcore pr0n, yet has nothing to say about a government trying to destroy an entire culture and way of life simply because it judges the people concerned to have no role in it's new utopia ? Surely not!

Actually, the HRA being the very epitome of socialist social engineering, I don't expect it does cover this sort of thing, but stepping away from the letter of the law to it's spirit, this is a case which surely shows the essentially fraudulent basis of much of the Liberal establishments rhetoric about the HRA. After all, whenever a judges passes down a give-the-killer-pr0n decision the L3 hail it as a great victory for justice over mob rule. The HRA, so they boast, allows their own, enlightened selves to push through their vision of progressive justice, free of interference by the lager-poisoned, tabloid-brainwashed masses and their proxies in Parliament. Yet, Nu Lab claim country folk should just shut the Hell up about it because the decision was taken by Parliament. Say what ?

The Liberal establishment wants to have it's cake and eat it. They want to allow their fellow travellers in the judiciary to strike down even those laws passed with broad support in both Parliament and in the country as a whole, yet when they pass laws that are entirely vindictive and seek to persecute a whole section of the public suddenly the L3 are rabid democrats. But don't call them incoherent.

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