Sunday, September 05, 2004

Anyone Seen My Elephant ?

El Steyn nails it again:

So the particular character of this "insurgency" does not derive from the requirements of "asymmetrical warfare" but from . . . well, let's see, what was the word missing from those three analyses of the Beslan massacre? Here's a clue: half the dead "Chechen separatists" were not Chechens at all, but Arabs. And yet, tastefully tiptoeing round the subject, The New York Times couldn't bring itself to use the words Muslim or Islamist, for fear presumably of offending multicultural sensibilities.

Except that, as ever, the tenets of the multi-cult only cover one side of the argument. Mentioning that the murderors were ******* is verboten, but implying that the massacre is all down to those drunken slavic neandathals is just ducky.

Well, as luck would have it, we may have a chance to test that hypothesis in the near future.

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