Sunday, April 11, 2004


So, in a U-turn of Majoresque proportions, race-hustling scuzball Trevor Phillips is reborn as John Bull. Trev P is A-OK with Britain, we can wear our England shirts with pride and having a Nativity scence in school is not necessarily illegal. Isn't that nice of him ?

Others have already expressed their scepticism, for example here (don't forget the comments), but for me the clincher was in today's Times. Armani Trev wants the government to provide free hols for the teenagers. Another dipstick raid on the paypackets of our increasingly small productive population is bad enough, but check out the Deep Thought behind it:

Mr Phillips disclosed details of policy proposals that the CRE is preparing for the Government on introducing free adventure holidays for teenagers when they become full citizens.

“The greatest anxiety about cultural differences is among people who have had no contact with immmigrant communities. We want everyone to have the chance to discover what they have in common,” Mr Phillips said.

Note that, the problem is with 'people who have had no contact with immmigrant communities'. Yep, indeed. It's all down to the natives, again. But, moving on from the honkey-hating overtones, the idea itself exposes the basic cynicism of Armani Guy's supposed conversion. All we need to do, saith Trev, is to, y'know, get together, chat, hang out, and everything will be OK.

I recall that a couple of years ago the body of a male child of approximatly five years and African appearance was found floating in the Thames with signs of having been ritually sacrificed. How does that fit in with Trev's Brave New Non-Multi-Culti World ? Are the people who object to that just suffering from a lack of contact with immigrants ? Will it all make sense if we all get together and hold hands ?

Trevor Phillips may claim to have abandoned multiculturalism but he remains wedded to it's central tenet: that all cultures are equal, that no value judgements can be made between a culture where they carve the genitals out of young girls and one where they don't. So the millionaire race baiter claims to support a common British culture ? Yes, but only if the parameters of this culture are drawn so broadly as to be meaningless. Instead of defining all cultures as equal, Trev seeks to define everything as part of British culture. Instead of screeching that natives must accept human sacrifice as part of immigrant's, equally valid, culture, now Trev will argue that it's part of British culture. Big difference.

It's just another iteration in the attempts to deligitimise British culture. The L3 have failed to cast British culture as inherently evil, so now they're trying to define it down to meaningless. Now, everyone and everthing is British.

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