Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Outrage D'Jour

JohnJo reports that Action Man is going all metrosexual. He's a certified dolphin riding eco-wheenie. WTF ?

Of course, it's the spirit of the age. Feminazi's failed to convince girlies that they'd rather play with Meccano than Barbie, so now they're going the other way. They're trying to geld a generation of boys. And if the boys don't like it ? Well, that proves how disruptive men are, so they need even more brainwashing. That's the magic of education - where else can you adopt a policy of outright contempt for half your customers with complete impunity ?

Now the left is trying to repeat the trick. Just as they flipped from trying to convince ladies that building sites where great places to work to trying to label any man more masculine than Blair as a potential psycho, they're trying the same with race. Armani Trev's latest effusions on British culture can be seen as an attempt at this kind of switch. They've stopped trying to convince us that the culture of Sudanese slave traders is every bit as valid as British culture, now - just as they tried to redefine manhood as being a kind of reject woman - they're trying to define down Britishness to a meaningless gloop. We're ditching the hard stuff, like democracy, equality under the law, freedom - instead we're going to, like, get in touch with our inner moppets.

Consider Action Man, in his transistion from tank driving hard man, to lycra wearing ponce, as the perfect metaphor for what Phillips and the rest of his fellow race hustlers want to do to British culture.

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