Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Tets Out For The Lads!

So, is it Tet II ? Beats me, but the baddies may think so. All through this war the self-'sploders have seemed to be obsessed with the media. Check out the way 'Bin Laden' has changed his tone, from intially babbling about crusaders and such, to now sounding more like Al Gore, except more pro-American. He (or his impersonator) is clearly reacting to reports in the western media, tailoring his image to fit in with the needs of the L3.

Indeed, the initial strike on Sep 11 seems to have been the result of too much 'Sex & The City'. Bin Laden seems genuinely to have believed that America was a nation of decadent, latte drinking fools, who'd collapse when faced with actual violence. Oops. Equally, the media narrative for Tet is of a stunningly-successful Pearl Harbour-style attack which broke America's will to fight the war. Actually, things were a little different in reality - the VC was crushed, never again to play a major part in the war, and it was the media's own outright lying which persuaded anyone otherwise. Nevertheless, the Islamofascists may be conciously trying to rerun Tet. All of which means that the thirty-six years of anti-western Liberal lying may have convinced their new heroes to bleed themselves to death on a disasterous offensive.

Won't Robert Fisk be pleased when he realises ?

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