Sunday, April 11, 2004

Minority Mining

I think it was a commentor at Biased BBC who said it, but isn't it strange how the L3 adjust their definition of minority depending on circumstances ? (Answer: no it isn't, they've always been lying scum). Peter Cutherbertson provoked mass lifting of skirts over heads when he pointed out a poll showing 28% of British Muslims don't have issues with blowing up Trafalger Square - surely he must realise it was only a small minority ? (although given that 28% is about 250 000 of them, you got to wonder how many you need to plant a bomb).

Yet, somehow, on the way here from there, the definition has changed, now the fact approximatly 10 000 out of a population of 15 million Iraqi Shi'ites have gone on the rampage means we're facing a mass uprising. Anyone would think the Left changed its definitons merely to put Britian in the worst light. Perish the thought.

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