Sunday, April 11, 2004

BBC Talks Garbage Shocker!

If you logged onto to the BBC website earlier today you'd have seen education correspondant Sean Coughlan in full-on BBC educating-the-tabloid-poisoned-masses mode. Under the headline 'The strikes that never happen' and the tagline 'Is the image of angry teachers at their annual conferences really fair?', smug Sean assured us that the NUT weren't really a bunch of moonbat nutters after all.

Funnily enough, by the PM the story had disappeared, but there was another story, also filed by Sean Coughlan, featuring the self-same group of moderates:

Teachers say schools should not be facing budget problems while there was "unlimited" spending on the military in Iraq.

The National Union of Teachers' conference in Harrogate heard accusations that schools were once again set to face funding problems.

And delegates approved a motion attacking the spending on war in Iraq while public services lacked funding.

"We should spend more on schools not explosives," the conference was told.

Who says we can't combine the two ? Give the staff room at the average school a Semtex makeover and the quality of education would improve no end (specifically: it would still suck but at least it wouldn't cost as much).

"When schools are counting paperclips and worrying about the cost of washing up liquid in the staff room, what kind of accounting is there for spending on Chinook helicopters?" asked Nick Grant of Ealing.

"When will the military be holding a car-boot sale to buy weapons?"

As fresh now as it was in the Sixties. Given that we pay good money to a tool like this, funding can't be all that tight.

But, is there some kind of unwritten rule that the worse a group of public sector non-workers are at their job, the more they talk about irrelevant garbage ? So, they wouldn't have gone into Iraq ? Yes, but they won't go in the shower either, so screw the dirty hippy scum.

In the 'lost' article, Sean opines that the NUT aren't moonbats, it's just that...

This mis-match between how it appears to the public and how it is in reality owes almost everything to the over-heated, over-publicised Easter weekend of the NUT annual conference.

...because conference is where these pondscum forget that's there's normal people watching and reveal their true feelings.

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