Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Tinfoil Moment

I can't be the only one with his BS meter twitching when I see the amazing coincidence in today's headlines. First we have this:

THE discovery of a plot to detonate a “dirty bomb” laced with poisonous chemicals in London justified the introduction of tough measures to combat terrorism, David Blunkett said yesterday.
The Home Secretary praised the police and security services for disrupting the terrorist plan and said it proved that he had not been exaggerating the security threat.

His words were echoed by Sir John Stevens, the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, who said that Britain was “in a state of real danger” of a terrorist attack.

Then, staggeringly enough, there's this:

COMPULSORY identity cards came a step closer yesterday when David Blunkett said that his proposed scheme for foreign citizens could be extended to Britons without the need for further legislation.

It had been expected that cards would be voluntary for British and EU citizens unless further primary legislation were passed in about ten years.

The Home Secretary’s announcement that a draft Bill, expected by early next month, had been agreed by the Cabinet dismayed a range of Labour backbenchers who are to oppose ID cards, although dissent is not thought to be as widespread as the revolt over university top-up fees.

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