Wednesday, April 21, 2004

They Did It

Peter C is getting a hammering in some quarters over this post. Certain persons are of the opinion he should be burned at the stake for that most modern of crimes 'insensitivity'. My own view is that you can say what you want, but a young woman is still going to die horribly. To paraphrase the Life of Brian, even if PC headlined his post 'Whore Faces Divine Justice', how could things be any worse ?

Nope, when the L3 start taking out an onion it usually implies that they've got something to hide. So it is in this case. We can smile at poor, dumb, Lara's statement, yet what is her statement but a logical conclusion drawn from L3-influenced health education efforts ? To suggest to the L3 that STDs may make promiscuity a bad idea is to commit the worst form of heresy. However bad the AIDS epidemic gets, the L3 will continue to argue for any measure other than cutting down on shagging, justifying their position by talking up the effectiveness of alternative counter-measures far beyond any rational judgement of their worth - condoms, for example, dramatically cut down the risk, but they surely don't eliminate it. Against this background, can we really blame Lara for buying into the idea that, with a few, simple, measures, she could keep buying tickets without winning the lottery ? And can we really not blame those supposed public-health experts who helped put that thought in her head, and thereby condemned her to death ?

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