Thursday, April 29, 2004

Identity Crisis

One of the figleafs for Blunkett the Borgs plan for compulsory branding identity cards is the idea that it will allow the NHS to identify people who are not eligible for treatment. Right. Never mind that doctors can't refuse to treat a genuinely ill person (and often can't tell if it is genuine until they've admitted the indiviual concerned). What of the position of a doctor who wrongly thinks someone is not entitled ? Lawsuits ? Firing ? Loss of pension ? Race hustling lynch mobs ? Who wouldn't turn a blind eye ? The immigration service and the police don't do brain surgery, so it's only fair that the NHS doesn't try and detect illegal immigrants.

Still, as uselessly inefficient as this measure will be, if it works it could be truly terrifying.

Thanks to the excellent Moorewatch for the link.

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