Wednesday, July 08, 2009

New Liberal Argument: And You're One Too!

Nazis, Nazis, Everywhere! Our PC PCs have marked the anniversary of the day Islamofascist lunatics klilled 52 people to warn us that the real threat is from right wing extremists.

Hey, isn't it always?

Still, one thing sets me thinking:
Sources have told the Guardian that while they believe the neo-Nazi terrorist threat has grown, they have no specific intelligence of an attack.
Say, didn't that used to be known as profiling?

Sure it did, and hipsters were enraged! at the idea that just becuase someone has some wacky ideas, they could be labelled a terrorist. I guess that's gone the way of 'no more boom & bust'.

Oops, guess we can't say that:
Sawyer revealed that the Met commissioner, Sir Paul Stephenson, had asked the counter-terrorism command, SO15, to examine what the economic downturn would mean for far-right violence.
'Economic downturn'? That's OK, but surely he can work global warming in there somewhere?

Still, at least we've got them on record. Yes, Virginia, the police are deploying highly-skilled anti-terrorist officers to chase down kooks playing with fire instead of actual terrorists. Something to bear in mind when the jihadists strike again and we get a chorus of 'my resources fell down the stairs, guv'.

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